The Ten Commandments
Introduction to the Ten Commandments
I. I AM The Lord
II. No Other Gods
III. Do Not Misuse God's Name
IV. Remember The Sabbath
V. Honor Your Parents
VI. Do Not Murder
VII. Do Not Commit Adultery
VIII. Do Not Steal
IX. Do Not Bear False Witness
X. Do Not Covet
The Case for Judeo-Christian Values
I: Better Answers
II: Right and Wrong
III: Human Reason
IV: The Dog or the Stranger?
V: Values vs. Beliefs
VI: Feelings vs. Values
VII: Hate Evil
VIII: Values Larger than Theology
IX: Choose Life
X: Order v. Chaos
XI: Moral Absolutes
XII: Jewish Mission
XIII: The Meaningless Life
XIV: Arrogance of Values
XV: Unholy vs. Immoral
XVI: Nature Worship
XVII: Man and the Environment
XVIII: Murderers Must Die
XIX: Challenge of the Transgendered
XX: No Viable Alternative
XXI: Rejecting Materialism
XXII: Feminization of Society
XXIII: First Fight Yourself

Dennis Prager Audio
A Life in Radio
Age of Stupidity
Agnostics and Atheists
Atheism and Science
Centering Children
Expelled: by Ben Stein
Holocaust Denial
How Much of Life is Random?
Humanist Christmas
Is Life the Highest Value?
Is Spirituality Enough?
Lessons from Vietnam
Love your Neighbor
Marriage Worth Defending
No one Sees God
Political Correctness
Prager v. Hitchens
Same Sex Marriage
Talking about Prayer
The Case for Traditional Marriage
The Failure of the Greatest Generation
The Meaning of Life
The Search for Utopia
The Unimportance of Blood
The World's Greatest Hatred
Truth, Beauty, and Goodness
Why I believe in Hell
Debate with David Smalley
Magic: The Gathering
Magic Decks
Bonesplitter v. Trusty Machete
Righteousness v. Holy Day
Comprehensive Rules
Basic Rulebook
Wizards Gatherer
MTG Wiki
MTG Salvation Forums
Trend Vector — Bill Palmer
The Human Factor: Air France 447
Automation and Disaster: A Rebuttal
Ask the Pilot
So you want to be a virtual pilot?

Dennis Prager
Japan Times
Bill Wall's Chess Page
She Walks in Beauty
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Trip to Paris, 2019

Topics in Judeo-Christianity
The Philosophy of Religion
Ethical Monotheism
Essence of the Christian Faith
Finding the New Testament Church
King James Bible
Divine Providence and Free Will
Summary of Judeo-Christian Values
Judaism and Christianity Side-by-Side
Christian Fundamentalism and the KJV Bible
Thoughts on the New Testament and Scripture
The Problem of Innocent Suffering
Primacy and the Pope
On Petitionary Prayer
God and Time: A Review
Slavery and the Bible
Shall We Defend Our Common History?
Are Border Walls "Christian?"
Cruelty in the Old Testament
Contradictions in the Bible

The Moral Use of Force
Thesis: Obligations in the Face of Evil
War, Jesus, and the New Testament
The World's Most Moral Army
Archbishop Demetrios and Confronting Evil
On the Moral Use of Force
Was Jesus a Pacifist?
Turn the Other Cheek
The Virtue of War
Can the President Follow the Christian Faith?
Religion's Failure to Confront Evil
The New York Archdiocese and the Death Penalty
Pope Francis and the Death Penalty
Steve the Builder on the Death Penalty

Early Christian Topics
Early Christian Topics: Icon Controversy
Early Christian Topics: The Great Schism
Early Christian Topics: Christology
Early Christian Topics: Salvation
Early Christian Topics: Typology

Related to Orthodoxy
What Orthodox Christians Believe
Orthodox Fundamentalism
Challenges in Orthodoxy
+Kallistos on the Sacramental Life
Cremation: An Orthodox Perspective
Bishop Anthony on Suffering—mp4
The Orthodox Church and Abortion
Bishop Thomas on Same-Sex Marriage
Sin in the Early Church
Anti-semitism in the Russian Orthodox Church
Priest: Icon of Christ
The Fathers, Wealth, and Pious Opinions
The Great Church in Captivity
Conversion of Kallistos Ware
The Fast and the Feasts of Saints Peter and Paul
St. Andrew — Revelation
Text of the Divine Liturgy
Chrysostom and the Poor I
Chrysostom and the Poor II
Ravenna, 2007
Orientale Lumen: Pope John Paul II on Eastern Orthodoxy

Summa Theologica — St. Thomas Aquinas
Response to Why the Jews: the Reason for Antisemitism
Is Spirituality Enough?
Jesus was no Leftist
Why God Must Be Depicted as Male
Thoughts on Papal Claims
Take the Judeo-Christian Values Exam
Ultimate Meaning Requires God
Is God Your Enemy?
Theology Book List
Catholic Christianity in Korea during the late Renaissance and Englightment Periods
On Gambling
Theology of TACA 110
Resolved, that the Jewish God Exists!
Moral Confusion at Canterbury
The Devil's Advocate
On Halloween
The Dangers of Echo Chambers on Campus

Explaining the Left
Part 1: Naivete and Boredom
Part 2: Contempt for America
Part 3: Leftism as Secular Religion
Part 4: Contempt for Middle-Class Values
Part 5: Brain vs. Mind
Part 6: Do They Believe What They Say?
Greta Thunberg: A Living Explanation of the Left
Difference between liberal and left

Law, Politics, &c.
Declaration of Independence
Constitution of the United States
Sir Winston Churchill
The FBI's Bad Intelligence
Why Are They Capitalizing 'Black'?
Larry Flynt, the Falwells, and Donald Trump
The Charlottesville Lie
Fourth Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance
It's just a mask
Reason v. Emotion
Anti-Semitic Posts — and Tepid Reactions — Should Enrage Us
Christians and Conspiracy Theories
The Coronavirus Paranoia
Thoughts on the Coronavirus Crisis
In Defense of Evangelicals
In Defense of Pro-Trump Christians
Chinese Communist Party and Coronavirus (alternate link)
Rediscovering the Wisdom in American History
Politics by Other Means: The Use and Abuse of Scandal (Understanding Watergate)
China, Trump, and Sovereignty
The Danger of the Attacks on the Electoral College
Communism's Bloody Century
Politicians, Privacy, and Social Media
Why I Became a Conservative — Sir Roger Scruton
Tucker Carlson on Immigration
On Islam
McGuinn's Review of F. A. Hayek's The Road to Serfdom
Why the 3/5 Clause is Anti-Slavery
The Truth about Separating Kids
Left v. Right reaction to death of Fidel Castro
"Rivers of Blood" Speech, Enoch Powell, 1968
Guns, Schools, and Discipline
Google's Ideological Echo Chamber (aka Damore Memo)
The Moral Case for the British Empire
Who Owns Vietnam?
False Freedom
Why America Fought in Korea
Why the Left Won't Call Anyone Animals
The False Comparison Between Interracial and Same-Sex Marriage
Speech Every New Public High School Principal Should Give
How is the Godless West Working Out?
Iran Deal: Like 1938 — Only the Names Are Different
The Cat Among the Pidgeons
Not a Day Care, but a University
Originalism and Stare Decisis, Amy Coney Barrett, 2017
Catholic Judges and Capital Cases, Amy Coney Barrett, 1998
Is the Left Evil?
DoJ IG Report on Clinton Email
Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane Investigation
On the Confederacy
2016 Election Final Report - DOJ OIG
FBI Inspector General's Report on Deputy Director Andrew McCabe
Nunez FISA Memo
FISA Court Decision of 4/26/2017
Clinton Email: What Americans Want to Know
Why Bill Clinton Pardoned Marc Rich
President Trump—Address to Congress
Politics Quiz
The Big Con
In Memoriam: Antonin Scalia
Creation of Rights and Philosophy of Jurisprudence
The FBI Rewrote the Law
Supreme Court Justices III: Merrick Garland
Supreme Court Justices II
Supreme Court Justices
Apple v. FBI
Thoughts on Obergefell v. Hodges
Japan is America's Friend: Shinzo Abe at Pearl Harbor

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